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Hello there,

Jess here!

Oh, 2020... Where do we start? 


A year that was supposed to be filled with so much joy and potential, completely turned upside down. 


So many of our beautiful brides (and grooms), sadly have had to postpone their weddings, hen and stag do's, honeymoons and everything that comes with it!


It has been such a strange year, to say the least! 


You may be feeling like nobody can say anything to make you feel any better about the situation when your wedding has to be postponed, so many months, even years go into planning your special day. As we have said to so many of our brides, you and your day will be so beautiful when the time comes, I wonder how many more additions will be added to your day that you maybe didn't want to stretch your budget to for this year!


When I say to our brides, I know exactly how you're feeling, I really do! 


Myself and my better half had our dream wedding booked for late October 2020, we made the difficult decision last month to postpone our special day to October 2021, this wasn't an easy decision to make and I will say, many tears were shed!

I'm sure if you are in the same position, you are probably, like myself, feeling a huge mixture of emotions! And that, I have come to realise, is completely normal! 


There has been so much uncertainty with, well let's face it, everything regarding this year and I will admit, once the initial sadness passed and we did finally make the decision to postpone, we did actually feel like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. 


I will also admit, the run-up to making that jump felt very overwhelming, so many ifs and buts, a few pros and cons lists later and the decision was made. 


Of course, each and every couple is completely different, we personally felt like we couldn't hold out hoping any longer!


Once we did make the decision, we (amazingly) managed to line up all our fabulous suppliers for a new date and they couldn't have been any more accommodating and lovely! 


This has also been the case with all of our lovely brides who were in the same position, suppliers in the wedding industry have been completely fabulous, understanding and bent over backward to rearrange their couples for a new date. Your amazing suppliers will have hundreds of couples in the same position as yourself and they will do all they can to help you. 

Remember, you are not alone in this!


Once you have made that jump to postpone, as upsetting and disappointing as it is, you can start to look forward to your new date and become excited to start planning again and just think, you get to be a bride for a little longer! You WILL have your dream wedding day, it WILL be incredible, filled with so much love and more amazing than you ever dreamed of when the time does come.

As a couple, myself and my Fiance came to the conclusion that our day wouldn't be any where near what we imagined it to be if we were to go ahead with it this year, your wedding day should be filled with so much love and excitement about your new married life together. With all the restrictions in place this year, as a couple, we decided what would be best for us and our situation and that we wouldn't want to go ahead with these restrictions in place.

Our wedding wasn't going to be huge, with around 75 guests in the day and around 100 in the evening, we decided that we wanted to be able to celebrate with everybody there. 

Some of our amazing brides have gone ahead with a ceremony under 30 people, followed by afternoon tea in their gardens or a BBQ, marrying the love of your life is the most important part of your wedding day, it has been so lovely to hear our couples romantic stories, making the most of their day and still having an incredible day together as a married couple!

Whatever decision you go for your special day, whether you opt for a small, intimate ceremony and celebrate with all your family and friends next year or whether you decide to postpone everything for next year, just know that when that time comes to say your vows and finally marry the love of your life, it will be just magical!

Let's all try and make what is left of this year one to remember (in a good way!) Turn the negatives into positives, do something amazing together on what should have been your original wedding date, and celebrate your love for each other!

With all the ups and downs that 2020 has brought, just remember, love is not canceled! 

Jess xx


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