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SINCE 2005

I’m often asked what makes Lulu’s special and it’s my favourite question…because I can talk about my favourite subject - our team!


They say opposites attract and we are certainly an eclectic bunch when it comes to our skills! We have formed an award-winning bond and we continue to work our kitten heels off bringing dreams to life. 


We’re a small but perfectly formed group who love spending time together.


We are also women ourselves, so completely understand the mixed emotions that can sometimes come with dress shopping, planning a wedding and, well…life in general! 

We have won some of our industry’s top awards over the years but the most important part of or work remains our brides and their journey to find their dream Lulu’s gown. 

You’re in safe hands with us, I promise.

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Issy is our resident whirlwind – when time is of the essence – she our girl! 

Ensuring Lulu’s is always looking tip top, Issy keeps us all on the straight and narrow with her love of organisation!


You can often find Megs wearing one of our gowns over on our Instagram! With a huge passion for social content and fashion – she spends her time researching the latest trends, alongside Jess – they are to blame for the amount of stock we carry!


Amy is the technical brains behind our team! 

What needs taking in, what needs letting out, what can be added, what can be taken off…Amy holds the answers. 

Her capacity to answer any Disney related question is her superpower!

Visiting Lulu’s is a luxury experience and Olivia is the lady who ensures our brides, and their guests, can sit back and enjoy the Lulu’s experience to its fullest!

Olivia can often be found on our shop floor making sure everything is in its rightful place and looking beautiful.


With a truly infectious smile, Dawn is our personal ray of sunshine! 

Her sunny disposition and incredible knack of finding that perfect wild card, make her a perfect part of Lulu’s. 


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead 

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