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I’d packed in my university course (in Contemporary Film & Video), handed my notice in at Ann Summers (the job that made me fall in love with retail), and had a small business loan from my Dad. I was full of optimism (with no idea that the recession of 2009 was just 18 months away) and about the embark on the very disappointing journey of operating a retail store, during an economic crisis!

Then...a chance meeting with a bridal shop owner in the toilets of a hotel would change my career, and Lulu’s, forever. 

To cut a massively long story short (!), I took a huge leap of faith and bought a bridal boutique that was going out of business. 

Despite the challenges, a few dark years, and some very steep learning curves, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about the journey of Lulu’s. 

We have been lucky enough to be awarded Best Bridal Retailer of the Year, Customer Service of the Year and Long - Standing Retailer of the Year.

I am thankful for many things, but having the honour of being a part of so many beautiful ladies’ lives as they prepare to marry is something I will never take for granted. 

Alongside Lulu’s, I am a very proud mum to two beautiful boys, Bertie and Wilf, whom I share with my long suffering, wonderful husband. 

Dan is a furniture dealer, and together we operate our furniture/fashion businesses side by side. 

To say life is busy would be a slight understatement, but I have finally surrounded myself with an incredible team – one whom I am immensely proud of – and together we have battled to keep the Lulu’s dream alive throughout the pandemic. 

You will hear me talk about Jess a lot! Jess is one of my greatest friends and my right-hand lady. Together, we look after our team, our brides and each other. It’s a relationship that is built on trust and I promise you, you’ll never meet a heart bigger than hers. 

Thank you for choosing to visit Lulu’s, I hope you have enjoyed being a part of our journey just as much as I’ve loved being a part of yours!

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