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Before my first appointment at Lulu’s I was nervous, because I’d been to a few different bridal shops and not found anything right.


When I went to Lulu’s my first impression was how chic and pretty the boutique is, then I was met by one of the stylists and she was really welcoming.


I’d taken my mum and friend with me and they helped me choose some gowns. Jess asked me to describe what I was looking for and I only had vague ideas, but I described them and she picked out Ingwiller for me to try.


I was given loads of time to try on each dress, take pictures and see if I felt right in them.


The whole experience felt relaxed and exciting at the same time!

As soon as I tried Ingwiller on I knew it was right. I loved the simplicity of the silhouette, contrasted with lace detailing and the cut away back.


I felt that it made me look how I’d hoped I would look on my wedding day, glamorous and elegant in a modern way. I was absolutely thrilled and so grateful for Jess to have picked it out for me, because I hadn’t chosen it myself to try.


I didn’t want to take it off and put my jeans back on!



My favourite moment of the day sounds a bit strange.


We had the wedding in a marquee in my parents field, with the ceremony outside in the glorious June sunshine.


For the ceremony we’d laid out hay bails for people to sit on and I recall after the ceremony, while everyone was having drinks and we were getting our photos done, seeing my friends drag some of the hay bales over to near the marquee and make sort of sofa’s out of them.


Seeing everyone sitting there, having a drink and a laugh was my favourite moment.


A lot of planning went into doing a ‘DIY wedding’, but I wanted everyone to feel really relaxed and joyful and this moment epitomised that sense for me.


All my nerves melted away then and I realised that a proper party lay ahead of us that afternoon and night!!!


Any hints and tips for a future lulu’s bride?

Listen to suggestions by the Lulu’s team, they really know what they’re doing.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted a veil or not and Jess suggested one and I loved it! I haven’t worn my dress since getting married, but I’ve put the veil on a couple of times when no one is around!!! Haha.

Have your hair trial on the same day as your dress fitting and then you’ll see if your hair and dress work well together.



Also, take your wedding shoes to the dress fitting, so that the length of the dress can be altered accurately.

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