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Something to celebrate!

I had a visit from team Enzoani this week, who had some very exciting news for us and I'm dying to tell you!

*Drum roll please*

Lulu Browns Bridal Boutique is officially an 'Elite Stockist' for Blue By Enzoani!

But what does this mean?! Well, let me tell you...

Essentially I get to buy more gowns (obvs, this is amazing news for me!) but more importantly we gain access to their fabulous training programme. Even after 12 years at the helm of LB I'm always so keen to learn and I love looking at how different businesses operate.

Our team will head to the Enzoani headquarters in the next few months and squeeze every last drop of information from their fabulous experts on all things wedding gown related.

In the mean time, I thought id leave you with a quick peek at our latest collection from Blue By Enzoani; simply divine!

To try any (or all!) of theses stunning gowns, simply contact us and we

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