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Imagine this, you’ve got to go and choose your gown, on your own, in the next hour. Could you do it? Would you feel confident in making that decision? Would you trust yourself?

It’s a bold shout, I know, but the ultimate test in recognising what you love and trusting your own instincts.


I have personally witnessed (twice already this year) ladies announcing to their friends and family that’s she’s found her dress!

She’s radiating happiness and couldn’t be more excited! Her smile says it all…

Only for one (or more) of her bridal party to announce that no, they don’t think it is her gown. They think she can find a better one.

The feeling in the room is one of utter deflation, like someone has popped a balloon.

She turns to me in the hope I’m going to pull out another magic gown that’s going to make her feel the same as her perfect gown just has. And the sad truth is, I won’t be able to do that.

I have literally wanted to cry for these ladies. To take their beautiful heads and put my hands over their ears and beg them not to listen to anyone but themselves.

You see, YOU will know when you’ve found your dream gown. I truly believe this.

As much as I believe a wedding gown can’t be “sold” to you. It’s all about that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, that’s the opinion you should listen to, because I promise, she’ll never let you down.  

As a stylist team, we have one goal at Lulu’s and that’s to help you explore your style. We adore the process of helping you find something that’s going to express your personality, that’s going to help you feel confident and your very best you! to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


your gown



If there is one piece of advice I may give, its trust you.

Trust how you feel, trust what you see.


For, when all is said and done, no one will remember your wedding day like you.


Lots of love


H x

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