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When we first received the invite to head over to Amsterdam Bridal Fashion week I thought of every reason why we really didn’t need to go.


Not enough time, we could buy the same gowns at a later buying event, we’d have to close for half a day on a Saturday …


But then I sat back and realised, life’s too short and we absolutely should get on that plane!

Lulu’s is a wonderful, heady mix of excitement and fun, but she can also be relentless and at times, very tiring.


We’re a team of 8 and whilst we see each other regularly, we’re not often in the same room for any amount of time!


By heading to Amsterdam with 5 of team LB, we’d get to enjoy some much need down time and enjoy each other’s company away from work. Plus, we’d also get our new collection that bit earlier 


And I’m delighted to say that’s exactly what happened!


You read all about the Modeca gowns we bought here.

Love Lulu's xxx

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