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In a word, Lulu's was wonderful! I’d visited a few bridal shops before this but as soon as I stepped into Lulu’s I knew this was somewhere special. There was no pressure to choose my dress or be set on the style I wanted. Every time we visited for fittings everyone was so lovely and welcoming, my mum and I both had a little cry when we picked up my dress and had to say bye! The boutique is gorgeous and so well designed and made every part of the experience fabulous. Our favourite moment has to be when Helen told us the story about throwing her contact lenses out on the way to her wedding! 

My dress was chosen for me by Jess and she did an amazing job after realising what I wanted.


As soon as I tried it on I knew immediately (cliche as it sounds) than it was the one. The tears from my bridesmaids and mum also helped! It combined all the elements I wanted into one but was never anything like my bridal Pinterest board or what I said I would go for. I knew it was different to what anyone would have expected me to wear and I loved every element from the train to the beading to the black. Extra special as well was that my mum had brought her veil with her to try on with dresses and it ended up matching almost perfectly.


My favourite moment from my big day? 

This is so hard! I think it has to be waking down the aisle and seeing Sam standing there and it being so clam and perfect when I thought I would be a bag of nerves!

My dad said I almost ran down the aisle to be near him!


Joint top has to be when we walked into our venue which was a little bit of a DIY job which we had left half finished and in others capable hands the day before. Seeing our dream and ideas become reality together, before everyone else was really special. Also when I came downstairs in my dress at home and my dad burst into tears.

That’s was really special. 


Enjoy your day it goes so fast and spend some time together alone just to cha5 and let it all sink in. 

Don’t be afraid to do something different and go with what you want. When we told some people we were getting married in what was was essentially a village hall their reactions were priceless, even more so when we told them the wedding would be themed on the British seaside (we went to Blackpool for our first date!) but we stuck to our guns and everything was perfect and authentically us, just what we wanted. 

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