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Let’s talk budgets (not the Rishi one!)

Now, I am very aware that money-talk isn’t always comfortable for some, but talk we must friends!

Setting a budget for your gown is one of the most important things you can do before hitting your chosen bridal boutique (Lulu’s is really very nice, I hear!)

First up, buying a wedding-gown can, for some, feel very overwhelming.

Taking aside the emotions behind such a special purchase, you are also contemplating spending a (possible) big chunk of your wedding budget.

And that can come with its own pressures.

My advice?

Establish what your priorities are for your big day.

For Dan and I, it was my dress (predictable!), great food and a free bar!

Everything else fitted in around that in terms of what we spent, and where.

Deciding on which parts of your wedding you will dedicate portions of your budget will make your decision-making so much easier. 

It’s at this point in the proceedings that I would like to say something, if I may?


The magical journey that is Lulu’s is the same for everyone.

Whether you spend £10 in Lulu’s or a £1000 - you are a valued-customer and both myself and my team are beyond grateful you’ve chosen to become part of the Lulu’s family.

Please, never ever feel uncomfortable about talking about your budget with us.

It allows us to find the perfect gown for you, within a price range you are comfortable with.

We have lots of sample-gowns and accessories with big discounts that, often, only we know about!

All our gowns have their prices clearly displayed on our website - there are no hidden costs at Lulu’s!

Payment plans, which help spread the cost of your gown over as many months as you would like, are available at no extra cost.

Top Tips

Before you place your order, it might help to consider the following points.

Have I felt pressured into buying this?
If so, take a breath. Sleep on it and, if it’s meant to be, you’ll be calling the store the next morning!
Side note - Timeframe allowing, any reputable boutique would rather you slept on your decision than rush it and, ultimately, regret it.

How long has the store been open?
A quick research of a stores trading-history will allow you to feel confident when placing your order.
Established boutiques have weathered many storms, and will be well-placed to ride this potentially-oncoming financial wave.

Purchasing your bridal-gown is the beginning of a special and memorable journey.
You are not just looking for a fabulous experience on the day you find your dream gown, you are looking for it every time you step foot through your chosen boutiques door.
So read reviews, speak to friends to gather recommendations and, ultimately, get a feel for the stores-ethos.

Wherever you are searching for your wedding day look, I wish you all the fun and love in the world, and hope you make many happy memories whilst doing so.

Lots of love

Helen x


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