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Bridal Gown Lead Times

When should I start looking for my wedding gown/outfit?

Ahh the age old question of lead times on bridal gowns…

As a guide, we always suggest looking for your gown 12-18 months before your wedding date.

As gowns can now take up to 6/7 months to be made, we then like to allow around 12 weeks for your alterations.

Allowing yourself more than enough time is always the best option, this allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of your wedding planning knowing your gown is being made for you.

Ordering your gown later can add stress to your wedding planning and can also sometimes incur extra rush fee charges. (If a rush order service is something your chosen designer offers).

When ordering your gown in plenty of time, we aim for your gown to arrive in store with us 4 months before your wedding, this allows plenty of time to try her in store with us once she arrives and also plenty of time for your alterations.

With the ongoing effects of Brexit and Covid, designers are now advising to order your gowns sooner, while some designers used to be able to have your gown made and in the boutique on a rush order within 2-3 months, this has now changed and we can be looking at anything upto 6/7 months for the making of your gown.

Of course, we do understand that not everybody has 12-18 months with last minute weddings being booked, this does not mean you will be without a dress, there is always the option of a sample gown. 

We keep all of our samples in great condition, our gowns are our prized possession!

Each with a girls name, we cherish them until they’re ready for their new homes and of course, we refer to them as ‘she’, our girls!


We are passionate about being as sustainable as possible here at Lulu’s and giving a sample gown a new home and lease of life is the most sustainable way to shop for your wedding dress, they are altered in the same way a brand new gown would be and will fit you like a glove once your alterations have taken place!

If your wedding is before September 2022, we would love to welcome you to Lulu’s before Christmas! 

Giving you that extra 4-6 weeks before the new year will give you a head start in searching for your dream gown and gives the designers extra time to create her for you!

Our fabulous seamstresses who we recommend are Legend Bridal in Great Harwood, they will do all they can and be as flexible as possible to accommodate a short turn around depending on the time of year and how full their diary is.

Allowing yourself more than enough time for ordering and your alterations means you will have a seamless (no pun intended) and stress free time awaiting your gowns arrival and in your alterations process.

If you are planning on having any bespoke work on your gown, adding sleeves, building up necklines etc.. 

This obviously takes more time in the alterations process and should be considered when booking your fittings.

We have never missed a wedding yet and will do all we can to accommodate all wedding dates!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Jess & all of Team Lulu’s xx


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