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Designer Sample Sale – Sunday 31st January

Its that time of year again at Lulu’s, a time when you can find your dream gown at a greatly reduced price.


The week before our sale I always do a quick ‘hints and tips’ on sale shopping. Fingers crossed you will find it useful, if not, thank you for humoring me and reading it any way!

A sale is opportunity to get rid of old, mucky gowns that no one wants to buy at full price, right?


At Lulu’s we don’t offer discounts on our gowns unless it is at a specific event or promotion weekend. This ensures everyone is paying the same price and, I believe its the only way to be fair and run my business ethically.

Our sale offers everyone, regardless of budget, an opportunity of purchasing their dream gown from Lulu Browns.

I pride myself of taking great care of our samples, as we have a sale 2 – 3 times a year, the sale gowns are normally less than 12 months old.

To represent our Designer’s to the fullest, we purchase a large number of samples. Those of you who have already visited my shop will know it is small, but perfectly formed (in my humble opinion!), but we are not blessed with acres of rail space.

My pet hate is fighting through crammed rails to try and see clothes when I’m shopping so, with this in mind, I make sure our rails are not over-crowded so its easy to see our beautiful gowns, without needing the upper body of an olympic athlete to do so! This is why we have to say goodbye to some old friends at sale-time, in order to make way for new ones.

We always work on an appointment-only basis to ensure all our brides and their families receive the privacy they deserve, and sale-days are no different. Buying your dream gown should always be an experience you treasure forever, a time where you can relax and enjoy the moment.

What’s a Lulu’s Sale like?

Great fun, is the honest answer.

To make the most of our sale-day, do your research, know what you are looking for, and be prepared to commit should you find ‘the one’, as these gowns are at this price for one day only.

You have a 1-hour appointment, so get here nice and early and you can start selecting the gowns you would like to try. They will all be hung in size order, so it’s easier to see which section you need to be looking in.

You will then be shown to your private appointment room when your dress-shopping can really begin!

All sale gowns are taken home on the day of purchase. If you would like to use our in-house seamstress, we will keep all your details on-file, and contact you nearer your wedding date to arrange a fitting. We are only a phone call away should you need anything in the meantime.

We are now fully booked for our sale, but we do have a waiting-list. If you are lucky-enough to be booked-in already, but no longer require your appointment, please call 01254 825574 to let us know, so we can let somebody else have the appointment.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, and finding you your perfect gown!


Helen, Jennie, Kate, Pam, Liberty, Georgia and Jess


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