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Shauna & Travis


Lulu's is beautiful.


The actual shop is stunning and has just such a relaxed atmosphere but it also felt special. I felt like I was the only one shopping there and Kate who helped me find the one was incredible at making me feel comfortable and beautiful.


I saw my dress on Lulu's insta and I loved it but there were some bits I wanted to change and didn't think this was possible. But Kate brought the gown in and said any adjustments needed could be done.


When I had it on, me and my mum caught each other's eyes in the mirror and I knew it was the one!


Especially when Kate asked if she could show one of the other members of staff because she thought it looked so beautiful.

The whole day was just so perfect but my favourite part is when I went back to my room part way through the day to change my shoes and my new husband came with me and we just sat on the edge of the bed and actually just talked about how we were feeling.


It was the first time all day we were alone together and it was so nice just to actually catch up.

Shauna & Travis-483.jpg

Enjoy every second.


Try on dresses you never would have picked - mine was completely different to what I thought I wanted! And trust the girls in the shop, they are there to help you and you can tell they genuinely love their job and want to make sure you have the most perfect experience!


I can't thank you enough for the experience I had at Lulu's. I am not a 'dressy' girl so was really nervous about going dress shopping, but Kate and Penny just made it to easy and so special 🧡

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