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My experience at Lulu's was amazing. I went with my mam and my sister (my maid of honour) and if I'm honest we didn't know what to expect and felt deflated as we had been to a different shop earlier in the day and it was an awful experience. However, as soon as we stepped into Lulu's it was completely different, such a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. I was made to feel so comfortable and relaxed straight away. We started off picking some dresses and then they picked me some different ones as well. We didn't feel rushed at all and it wasn't until towards the end of my visit that we realised there was another bride there. They had everything so well organised and personal to me. I would recommend any future bride to visit Lulu's.

My dress was actually the first dress I tried on in Lulu's. When I first put it on I felt amazing. It wasn't a style I thought I'd go for but as cliché as it is, I really did feel like a Princess. Then when I came out of the changing area and showed my mam and sister, they both cried and I cried. I didn't want to take it off. Lulu's encouraged me to try on many more different styles and shapes and I just kept on comparing every dress to the first one. So I put my dress back on and I didn't want to take it off. I just knew it was the one! 

I have so many amazing memories from my day that I will cherish forever. But if I had to choose one then probably making my entrance into the ceremony room and seeing my groom at the end of aisle. I had given strict instructions to the best men and bridesmaids to make sure he turned around as soon as I walked in. It was perfect. Even though the room was full of our favourite people, as soon as we saw each other we couldn't stop smiling and everyone just kind of disappeared. 


My top tips would be:

Make sure you wear appropriate underwear when you go to try some dresses on - comfy and nude is probably the best way. 

Try on as many dresses as you can and try not to stick to the style you think you want. Try on all different shapes and sizes as they always look different to how you pictured in your head.

Take someone with you who will be honest, even if you are worried they'll be brutally honest. You'll thank them for it later! 

Final tip is just to enjoy it! 

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