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Enzoani Retailer

My story with Enzoani started nearly 10 years ago when my husband and I attended a trade fair. He spotted the Enzoani marketing boards and turned to me and said "You have to work with this brand, they look head and shoulders above everyone else".


And, although I hate to admit it, he was so right!


In that tiny hotel room, one of my most treasured business partnership was born.

Enzoani and Lulu's have grown together over that last decade. I remember, a good few years ago, asking Mark (our sales director) what Lulu's needed to do to reach Platinum retailer status. He commiserated with me and said that it was very unlikely we'd achieve it as we were a tiny boutique in and even tinier village.

So when he rang me in January this year, to say Enzoani were awarding us with the Platinum retailer status, I could of cried.


It was a proud moment for myself and the whole of team LB! We adore working alongside their team and couldn't wish for kinder, more fabulous people to be part of our working day.


In celebration of our news we welcomed Enzaoni back to Lulu's for their Brand Ambassador training course.


Having completed it once before we were thrilled to be given the opportunity at refreshing our memories.


These training course are the perfect opportunity for us to deliver our feedback on the latest gowns, what has worked really well for us and what we think we'd like to see in the next collection.



As stylists, its crucial we know exactly what a gown is capable of in terms of its fit and styling options.


One of the many great things about working with the team at Enzoani is their willingness to listen and take on board feedback from their stores.


With ever evolving styles and fabrics its always exciting to see what will coming to Lulu's next season!


So if you're considering an Blue By Enzaoni gown, you can rest assured you're in the right hands at LB X




Helen X

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