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Chelsey & Chris


I found Lulu's on Instagram, I thought your boutique looked beautiful and had such an amazing selection of dresses. 

Lulu's was the 3rd (and final) shop I went to. I explained to Kate what sort of things I liked and didn't like, and she brought me a great selection of dresses to try.


It was such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and never felt any pressure to make any decisions there and then. It was such a great afternoon, felt like such a princess.


Me, my bridesmaids and my mum and mother in law were laughing and a few happy tears were shed. I will hold this day as a great memory as about a month later my mum ended up in hospital after having a stroke!


She is doing okay now but has left lasting effects on her.

I knew I had found my dress the minute I put it on, I didn't want to take it off.


I kept walking round the room with it on, even with a fake bouquet. It was like I had found the dress I use to draw as a little girl. I tried on other dresses but always kept thinking about THE dress and knew that it was MY wedding dress.


I didn't need anymore time to think about it and put my deposit down that day.


Also Legend Bridal were amazing too and were so easy to work with and made my dress fit me perfectly and made it look easy.





I loved my whole day from start to finish. As a girl who has always dreamed of getting married and having an extensive Pinterest board. 


Literally all my dreams came true and looking back wouldn't change anything.


From having the most relaxed morning getting ready with my closest friends and family, wearing my dream dress, having the most handsome and loving husband, surprising our guests with Alpacas and dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest.


Food was amazing and the dance floor was never empty. 


When it comes to the dress, if you try on dresses and go away and keeping thinking about one dress then that is YOUR dress! 

When it comes to the big day, just relax and take everything in, if you can just sneak off with your partner even just for 5 mins to give yourself a min together as the rest of the time everyone wants to be apart of it. 


Thanks again for helping me find my perfect dress!

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