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So friends

I have some news for you……

For many months I’ve been keeping something to myself. 

Over 12 months to be precise.

It’s the kind of something that, at times, I thought might swallow-me-whole and, knowing me like you do, please believe I would have loved to have shared this journey with you as I have with so many things in my time at Lulu’s.

However, due to the personal, sensitive-nature of the issue, I thought it best to keep it to myself until the process was complete and the outcome was decided.

Now that all is finally complete and decided, I can tell you that Dan and I have taken the decision to try and grow our family via adoption and, late last year, were thrilled to become approved adopters!

We are now patiently waiting to see if we are a suitable family for a little person (or people) to join.

It’s been something I would have loved to have told you about sooner, but I’ve felt that if I said it out loud, I may jinx it but, now we have been approved, I (and we) could not be happier or more excited :)

My news continues…

As a consequence of the news above, and after 17, wonderful years, I have made the decision to put Lulu’s up for sale.

How one tiny sentence can evoke so many emotions for me, I’ll never know.

Dan and I both work for ourselves and, as you can imagine, life is busy as we juggle parenting our two beautiful sons with the commitments that come with each running our own businesses.

Adoption has required us to look at our working and home lives, and be realistic about our time and our focus going-forward, and has led us to making this decision to offer Lulu’s for sale.

This has been the biggest decision of my career, and one that has taken me 2 whole years to make.

Lulu’s has run through every fibre of me since I was 19 years old. She has come first in every and any situation, and there is absolutely no question I could run Lulu’s for the rest of my working days quite happily!


However, we feel a change would be beneficial if possible, to allow us to try and grow our family and offer a calm, stable environment for our current and future little ones.

For me, the process of adoption starts with accepting a lifelong-commitment to a little-life that has faced more trauma in their early years that most adults will (thankfully) ever see, and our little person/people deserve to have my undivided attention, as do the sons we are already blessed with.

My boys, and our family, have become my greatest joy so, as a consequence, feel ready to embrace a change if that becomes possible.Whilst Lulu’s is my true pride and joy, we believe this is the ideal time for me to start a new chapter.

Hoping that I might find myself in this position, I have spent the last 12 months carefully-preparing Lulu's to go on-the-market and, now that it is, am ready to explore whatever possibilities lie ahead.

So, my beautiful boutique (and the building too if owning the property would be your preference), with her huge-personality and unrivalled-reputation, is looking for a passionate-soul (or souls) to take her forward.

Lulu’s is a consistently-profitable business, and comes with years of impeccable trading-history and close-relationships with our designers.

If you think its new owner might be you, please email my husband at as Dan will be dealing with initial-enquiries to allow me to focus on continuing to combine running Lulu’s with looking-after our young family.

I’ve been so nervous that my news will worry people, or that you may think I am giving-up on Lulu’s (which could not be further from the truth) but wanted to reassure you that, irrespective of what happens in the future, my commitment to running Lulu’s will remain total and unwavering and, most-importantly, will not effect the exceptional bridal-experience we are renown-for one-bit.

I hope my honesty will reassure you that our commitment to offering our peerless, industry-leading bridal-experience will not change or reduce in any way, irrespective of if she sells or, as is equally-possible, she remains under my leadership for many more years to come.

Thank you for your time and understanding in reading this. I remain so grateful and fortunate that you’ve chosen to follow my story here at Lulu’s, and wanted you to hear this from me personally to ensure total clarity, and to avoid any unnecessary concerns, confusion or misunderstanding.

This life is a short one, and it can be terrifying to follow your dreams, but I believe that the magic happens on the other side of fear, so here goes!

So, I will end this blog the same way my Lulu’s journey started, by not having a clue what happens next or what the future holds, so shall we begin?

With much love as ever,

Helen x


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