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What designer/gown did you choose and why?

I chose Aria from Lillian West. The gown was the perfect blend of boho and traditional, which just fit the feel of our Greek wedding. I wanted something with a beautiful shape and neckline but that I’d also feel great in the Mediterranean sunshine (and heat)!

What made you choose Lulu’s initially?

I’ve followed Lulu’s for years and adored the approach to styling each unique bride with beautiful dresses and accessories. There’s a lovely warm feeling about the boutique, everyone makes you feel so special and I was so impressed by the range of modern bridal styles to choose, from across a number of designers that I’d always loved!

What was the best part of your dress shopping journey?

The best part of the shopping experience was on the first trip when I knew I’d found ‘the one’ and my veil was added to complete the look. I couldn’t believe that was me looking back at myself as an actual bride and all I could think about was the moment I was going to be stood in Greece saying ‘I do’!

One piece of advice you’d pass onto to brides to be?

My advice is ‘do you’! It’s so easy to be influenced by what people say, what you think your wedding ‘should’ look like or what you see online. We chased our dream of getting married in a place I’ve spent so much of my childhood and we made every decision how we wanted to, even down to the boat ride to take us to our reception! On the wedding day, all of our guests said they said the day was totally ‘us’ from start to end and so many of them said it was the most fun they’d ever had at a wedding. That was the best feeling to know they’d had as much fun as us too!

How did you know when you’d found ‘the one’?

They say when your mum cries, that’s ‘the one’ but my mum cried as she walked into the shop so that wasn’t going to be the giveaway! For me, it was the dress where I said ‘I look beautiful’ rather than saying the dress was beautiful (which I said a lot!). But in the dress I chose, I’d never felt as good in my whole life and could totally imagine wearing it on the day… that’s when you know!

Why would you recommend Lulu’s to future brides?

I’d recommend Lulu’s in a heartbeat. When you are getting married, it feels so strange to have everyone totally committed to your happiness and I can genuinely say that’s how I was made to feel in the whole dress-buying experience. There are so many beautiful styles in the boutique that you can really experiment with and although you might not choose the dress you expect to when you first arrive, I can guarantee you’ll walk away feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world!


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