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Happy Birthday

17 years old today

To be truthful, running Lulu’s has been like raising a toddler this year.

There are times where it has been like walking it through the glassware-section of a fancy department-store, as it lurches and lunges excitedly from one danger to another.

There have been times when it’s been so full-on I’ve wished it would just take a nap and yet, the moment it sleeps I am desperate for it to wake-up so we can play again.

However, in a year that has seen many changes throughout our world, I take comfort in the constants.

Even after all of these years, my all-time favourite place to be is Lulu’s on a busy Saturday. The noise of the laughter fills me with such pride at the space i’ve created.

I continued to be in awe of the dedication and hard work shown by my wonderful team at Lulu’s, and the resilience, kindness, determination and so much more that they show on a daily basis. I know my standards at times seem impossible ladies, but please know you’ve reached them and more this year and I could not be more grateful for your energy and efforts.

Friendship has been my lifeline this year.

Corrina, Sal, Rosie, Martin, Wilbur and Stu, you have picked me up and dusted me off so many times this year, and I love you all dearly!

Behind the scenes, when the wheels are falling off, is my husband, The Stig.He deals with the very unglamorous thing that we call ‘reality’.

He watches me push and push and push and then, often, must watch when it all gets too much.

He’s been my sports bra this year!

You don’t see him but man, life would be a wobbly-mess without him!

My biggest lesson this year? When all is said and done and the chips are down…I (with the help of my fabulous team) can run an incredible business, even if I think it may kill me some days!

Working for yourself comes with zero pats-on-the-back. You’ve got to learn to face your reflection and be honest. There will be days you’re smashing it, and days you’re very much not. And it can be incredibly lonely, but trusting myself has been one of most valuable lessons


And finally, and most importantly, thank YOU. For every like, comment, share and message.

To those who have chosen their gowns at Lulu’s, the privilege to be part of your special day is an honour never lost on me.

You have my word that we are heading into our 17th year with the same goal as day-one, to do everything in our power to help you feel your most confident, fabulous self on one of the most-special days of your life.

There’s been a lot I haven’t shared this year. 2022 will be one hell of a chapter in the book!

Even I read this back and think ‘Jeez H, this all sounds a little heavy’ but this year has been such a lot.

I am both excited, and a little nervous, to share our plans with you in the new-year.

Watch this space!

Finally, don’t ever forget. You are doing so much better than you think.

Whoever and wherever you are, read that line again and please believe it 💋

All my love and thanks

H xxx


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