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01 / 02 / 2023

February Sale

At Lulu's

It’s sale time at Lulu’s!

We have 70 beautiful gowns, priced between £300-£1500!

How to book?

Simply head to our website and click ‘Visit Lulu’s’

Do I require a special Sale appointment?

Not at all!Simply choose the ‘new appointment’ option to try both our full price and sale gowns.

Will there be any veils and accessories in the sale?

Yes! Issy has put together a fantastic selection of accessories this year!

How do I book an appointment to look at your accessories?

Simply head to our website and click ‘Visit Lulu’s’ and choose the ‘accessories appointment’ option.

“I’ve just bought my dress from Lulu’s, I’m worried that it’s now gone in the sale and I could of paid less for it…”

If you have chosen your gown within the last 6 weeks, we will have already given you the option to buy the sample gown IF the gown was in a size suitable for you.No need to panic!


How will I know if I will like anything in the sale?

If you never try, you’ll never know!We have a huge selection of styles and sizes - I promise it’s worth a look!

Where can I get my dress altered?

Legend BridalThe Fitting Rooms

Why do you charge for appointments?I

t stops us being plagued with ‘no show’ appointments.Our 2 hour appointments are £25.If you’re buying a new gown from Lulu’s then you’ll receive a £50 accessories voucher to spend in Lulu’s.If you’re buying a sample gown, you will receive your £25 booking fee back as it will be knocked off the cost of your gown.

Sale tip

Be prepare to buy your gown on the day.We will often only have the one gown available - at these prices, they won’t stay around for long.


Whether you’re spending £30 or £3000, please know that I am beyond grateful that you’ve chosen Lulu’s to be a small part of your special day.You have my word that we provide the same service, not only on the day you finding your dream dress, but throughout the whole process.And that famous service is provided no matter what you spend ❤


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